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About Product

Developed by an Engineer

In 2003 Mitered Drain™ (patent pending) was developed by a civil engineer to provide an innovative, cost effective alternative to conventional drop inlets and catch basins. Mitered Drain™ can be connected directly to the end of the pipe. This allows for increased swale lengths, longer surface flow and greater biotreatment and groundwater infiltration. Mitered Drain™ facilitates compliance with new environmental design regulations regarding storm water runoff and the Clean Water Act.

Difficult-to-Drain Locations

Mitered Drain™ is perfect for use in hard to drain areas where lack of grade difference is a problem. Because of its sloped grate, water flows directly into the pipe eliminating the drop typical in conventional inlets allowing for better drainage in flat areas that need extra slope to achieve proper drainage.

Available in the Following Sizes:

3:1 slope: 3″, 4″, 6″ 8″ and 12″


  • Perfect for use in hard to drain areas where lack of grade difference makes design difficult.
  • Can be used as an inlet or an outlet.
  • Water drains directly to the flow line of the pipe
  • Adaptable to almost all types of pipe
  • Minimizes standing water-critical in areas where mosquito abatement is of concern
  • Maximizes use of bioswales and reduces runoff into storm drain systems-water stays on the surface longer for natural filtration of contaminants and stormwater absorption into the soil
  • Much better than a pop-up or “bubble-up” system—no drywells to dig, no parts to freeze in winter, no stagnant water in the pipe
  • Aids in designs requiring compliance with the Clean Water Act

Environmentally Friendly

Mitered Drain™ eliminates the standing water that occurs in the bottom of typical drop inlets. This is critical in areas where mosquito abatement is of concern. Mitered Drain™ is great for use as both an inlet and outlet for detention ponds, culverts, downspouts and numerous other applications. It also allows for maximization of use of bioswales for onsite water treatment.

Unique Design

The useable area of the grate opening on Mitered Drain™ exceeds the cross sectional area of the pipe. Because it is mitered, or angled, it uses the full flow capacity of the pipe. In addition, the unique design reduces the chance of debris clogging the grate while preventing debris and animals from entering the pipe. Grates can be removed for maintenance.

    Quick Installation

    Exclusive patented design comes completely assembled with mitered pipe section attached. A low cost solution ready for quick, convenient installation. Minimal tools required. No concrete to cure or forms to build. Eliminates extra material costs and installation man hours. Backfill and landscaping can begin immediately.

    All sizes are manufactured with HDPE grates with UV inhibitor for durability and ease of handling.


    The grate is secured in place by stainless steel screws that can easily be removed for maintenance and cleaning.