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What is included in the purchase of a Mitered Drain?

Mitered Drain is a section of PVC pipe cut at a 3:1 slope with an HDPE grate attached. It comes completely assembled and ready for installation.

How does Mitered Drain connect to the pipe in the ground?

Mitered Drain connects to the pipe with a coupling that transitions from Mitered Drain to the pipe in the ground. A flexible rubber coupling can be used. For a permanent installation on the 3” and 4” sizes, a glue-on type coupling may be used if connecting to Schedule 40 or 80 PVC pipe. Your pipe supplier can help you select the appropriate coupling.

Is the grate on a Mitered Drain removable for cleaning?

Yes, the grate is removable with the appropriate screwdriver or wrench.

Can Mitered Drain be connected to any type of pipe?

Yes, Mitered Drain can be connected to almost any type of pipe with simply a coupling.

How do I know what size Mitered Drain to use?

Usually you would use the same size as the pipe installed in the ground.

Where can I purchase Mitered Drain?

You may purchase our products from any of the retailers listed on our Retailers page or you can order directly from us on our website or by phone at (707)620-0606. We accept all major credit cards.

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